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Study Trip to the Arctic Circle!

Political Writings is off to study the political systems in the Arctic Circle and will not be back till after the New Year! Here are the political commentaries you can look forward to in 2012: 1. Everybody’s Favourite Punching Bag … Continue reading

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Survivor MRT Island

So PM Lee has wisely decided to convene a Committee of Inquiry into the Dec 2011 MRT “disruptions”, even as SMRT and LTA press on with their own “investigations”. When I was in the SAF, I was told to fear Boards of … Continue reading

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Vindictive Myopic Singaporeans

Apparently a Kiwi accused of causing grievious hurt and (probably) damage to public property has skipped bail and returned to New Zealand. Facing up to 10 years and caning, Robert Dahlberg decided his butt worth more than the $25k bail … Continue reading

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The Famous Picture

No clearer indication could have been given by a taxi operator to confirm what I’ve been saying all along: Taxis are not a “public” service. This post is not to defend SMRT or condemn them. It is ask people, no … Continue reading

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Will The Real Public Service Please Stand Up?

“You are providing a public service, you know! How can you make so much profit? How can the poor, the needy, the disabled, etc afford to pay so much? Where are your moral principles? Blah blah blah.” It seems every … Continue reading

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What Are You Really Protesting, Exactly?

So Comfort wants to increase cab fares from next week, which has drawn the usual howls of protest from various quarters. But do those protesting really understand what they’re protesting? 1. How dare you not consult us before increasing fares? … Continue reading

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12 Wishes For Singapore Politics In 2012 (Part II)

[See here for Part I] 7. That people stop idolising Chen Show Mao He’s very talented, very humble, very dedicated to serving the people. But please, he’s still just a man! 8. That Singaporeans stop mindlessly aping foreign protests Arab … Continue reading

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