OTP Series* V: PAP: Stay Arrogant, Stay Clueless II

After six months of belly gazing, here is PAP’s multi-million-dollar analysis of what happened in GE2011 and what it intends to do for GE2016. My major disappointment: No analysis was done to determine the effect of LHL’s “apology” on the results of GE 2011. What a pity! Instead, we had the following:

1. PAP “must do more to connect with voters,” said Chairman Khaw Boon Wan as he exhorted PAP MPs and activists to make full use of online media and connect with the young. The key challenges ahead, he highlighted, will be intense competition and changing the perception that the government is not listening

2. PAP is “for the whole population and has to implement long-term rational policies,” Khaw said, while “[opposition parties] merely criticise, advocate populist policies to appeal to emotions and conveniently shy away from stating their position on difficult trade-offs which the government has to make.”

[Political Writings] Yes, only PAP has Singapore’s long-term interests at heart. Opposition are just a bunch of useless critics. Good to know PAP still has a holier-than-thou attitude.

3. Sec-Gen Lee Hsien Loong “agreed completely” that potential candidates must be tapped earlier. “We want a more diverse slate. We want our people identified earlier, tested out earlier, put in place on the ground earlier,” he said, adding that the party has already started looking for candidates for the next round.

[Political Writings] I don’t think voters care about how “diverse” PAP’s candidates are, when they are “identified”, etc. In the case of PAP, people vote for the party rather than the candidate. But if PAP wants to reverse this, they can field more Tin Pei Lings in the next election.

4. Lee added: “There will be a few who will be against us, whatever we say and some of these may have basically different views from the PAP. But others will want to displace us, and really for them the issue is not policies, not whether we are doing right or wrong but who is in charge… and they would like the PAP out and eventually themselves in,” he said.

Noting that there are some “hard-core opposition views on the Internet”, he said members should take such criticism in stride and constructively.

“If it’s valid, hear it, take it to heart, use the feedback to improve ourselves,” he said. “If it’s not valid, defend our position, explain why it is mistaken, respond firmly.”

[Political Writings] How can there be “valid” criticisms on the Internet when PAP is the only body in Singapore who has its long-term interests at heart?

Displacing the ruling party is the raison-detre of politics. So why is LHL making such a big fuss about it? What I’d like to know whom LHL thinks wants to “displace” PAP. Because when I look at the “opposition” landscape, I only see a bunch of checkers and balancers wannabes. I don’t see anyone who wants to be the next PM, the next Finance Minister or the next Defence Minister.

*OTP = Out of Touch Party. This is an occasional series to provide commentary on how PAP is out of touch with Singapore


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