Why Didn’t You Object Earlier?

ST (20 Nov 2011) quoted URA Deputy Director Mohd Zaki: “We showed [the Bukit Brown Cemetery redevelopment plans] in the 1991 and 2001 Concept Plans, and it was also in the 2008 Master Plan.” Strangely, no one raised a ruckus when plans highlighting the area’s intended future use were displayed for feedback.

First, Mr Zaki, I would like to point out how insensitive your remark is– in case you didn’t know. What you’re suggesting is that all the opposition just materialised overnight for no good reason.

Second, the reasons people didn’t object earlier are probably (1) because nobody bothers to read URA plans, which are just “concepts” anyway; and (2) the “concept” only got firmed up and got the media publicity it deserved just recently.

Third, and most important, I would like to ask Mr Zaki: Would objecting earlier make any difference?

People are objecting now, and yet LTA and URA still want to go ahead.

I can understand how you feel– you put something out there for 10-20 years and there were no objections. But when you actually want to start your bulldozing, all the objections come flooding in.

You felt played out.

But you forget one important point.

If you can guarantee that LTA and URA will bow to objections if they are made earlier, I’m sure people will learn to object earlier.

Otherwise, remarks such as the above should be withdrawn.


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One Response to Why Didn’t You Object Earlier?

  1. Anita says:

    Agree. Civil Servants can no longer hide behind Politicians and expect their plans will be wholly accepted and undebated, particularly with the ‘new normal’. Apparently he’s just coming out of his protected shell. The lack of open consultation & engagement with other heritage sites (& civic groups) earlier in the game plan, should not constitute an urgency on our part just because you have a timetable of deadline to meet. Besides, people are not convinced that demolishing BBC and Rochor is the best plan to make ways for the roads. The authority is not answering the key questions if other alternative and creative ways are already considered and exhausted. Importantly, let’s just get to the bottom of the figures – who are the final developments going to ultimately benefit.

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