Stars & Stripes

There are flags everywhere in New York city. Not just Govt buildings, but everywhere: offices, businesses, shopping malls, hotels, homes, even work sites and trucks.

For a country where flag burning is Constitutional, it’s amazing how many Americans love their flag, and by implication, their country.

Compare that with Singapore, where RC leaders have to “urge” HDB residents to hang up flags near National Day. And still it doesn’t work– they now resort to having Banglas do it in the common spaces.

Americans are very clear on one thing: the State is not the same as the party in power. Many Americans don’t even believe in Republican or Democrat any more. They have lost faith in their Govt and in politicians in general; they don’t trust politicians; they don’t even bother to vote.

But they still love their country.

The same cannot be said of Singapore. The PAP has tried to equate itself with the State, tried to portray General Elections as an issue of Party leadership renewal, tried to use Govt organisations such as the People’s Association for its partisan interest.

And it wonders why Singaporeans don’t want to fly the flag.

This has nothing to do with how “young” a country Singapore is, or that we lack a national “identity”.

PAP, the answer is in the mirror.


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6 Responses to Stars & Stripes

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  2. LinCH says:

    That’s why those people who cried foul when some one raised another country’s flag or unintentionally “mistreated” the Singapore flag are just hypocrites. They don’t love the Singapore flag; they only want to flame others.

  3. JG says:

    Not only NY, but you go to remote towns in “red” America and you see flags proudly flying from some homes. Go during 4th July and you see SPONTANEOUSLY organised celebrations at the local level, hundreds of parties, towns setting off fireworks. Thats the crux : its spontaneous, its bottoms-up. I’ve long lost the National Day feeling — in fact, I’ve grown to detest the parade. Its so organised. So rehearsed. Its like a performance – you watch it, you feel empty inside, something is missing. I can understand why many S’poreans rather get out of the coutnry and enjoy. Like they said : Houston, we got a problem …

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  5. James says:

    Is it not the case that in America you have Americans, in UK you have British and in France you have French, no matter where your are from, but in Singapore we have Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others as a race!

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