What Makes A Great Nation?

Some people say that Singapore is a great nation, and when pressed for justification, talk about how clean, efficient and safe Singapore is, about the world-class airport and harbour, about the lack of corruption, etc. In the aftermath of the financial crises in Europe and US, they also point out how Singapore now has much better finances than western countries.

They are mistaken.

Being able to walk safely at 2 am is not the distinguishing point of a great nation. If it was, North Korea could become a great nation.

Neither is it about having many -hubs or -polis. Or world-class this or world-class that. Or having the best airport in the world. Or the busiest harbour in the world.

It’s not even about the lack of corruption.

Being a great nation is not about having the largest land area, the largest economy or the mightiest military power. If it was based on such quantitive criteria, the greatness of nations would just be a ranking by size, economy or military power.

A small country like Israel can be a great nation. On the other hand, a powerful country like China can be not a great nation.

What makes a nation great? It’s not pure economic or military power. And I might add, not how many Nobel Peace Prizes or Olympic medals per se either.

What makes a man great? It’s not how much money he has, but what contributions he has made to his community, to society. It’s about his generosity. It’s about his ideas, how he changed the world with them, how he made a difference.

Since a nation is nothing more than a collection of people living within a set of physical borders, we can measure the greatness of a nation in the same way. By the contributions they have made to the world, to mankind. And by their generosity, how their ideas have benefited the human race.

Hence I brought up Israel. The greatness comes from their spirit. What happened to the Jews in the Holocaust, they bounced back. And even before the Holocaust, when they were persecuted in ancient history, they bounced back.

They are survivors.

But beyond just surviving, Israel is so creative, it’s a holy land of technology, equal to Silicon Valley. Companies like ICQ came from Israel. And the influence of Jews in the world, in banking, in politics, is just amazing, considering how few of them there are. They certainly punch well above their weight, to use an expression of our former PM.

Next, China. In history we learned of China’s great inventions like gunpowder, we learned of how refined Chinese society and culture was during the Tang dynasty, etc. But I can’t see any great contribution China made to the world, how it made the world a better place through its ideas. Perhaps the imperial examination system to select the best civil servants? But the reality is that political power remained under dynastic emperors, and it was always corruption or political intrigue that brought down the dynasties. Having the best and brightest ministers could not stop it.

When I think of modern China, Mao basically returned China to the Dark Ages, and the current leadership is just old wine in new bottles. People are deprived of their freedoms, they can’t read what they want, the great firewall of China shows that nothing has really changed. When I see how China bullies Taiwan, how China “liberated” Tibet, it makes me feel sad to be Chinese.

Next, Great Britain. You know it’s great because they are so convinced of their greatness they named their country so. But why is Britain great?

Once it was a superpower, an empire upon which the sun never set. But that is no more. Anyway greatness is not about military power.

I think Britain is great because of how it changed the world. The English language for one. It’s what we use here, and it has made human communication much easier, made advances in science and technology much easier.

Other things which make Britain great are regularly cited by our politicians. The English system of law and justice, not just the laws they left behind, but the principles themselves. Presumed innocence, right to a free and open trial, judicial independence.

The political system itself– the separation of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, even if it did not originate in Britain per se, is a legacy they left behind in the colonies, along with an honest and efficient civil service to support a country’s progress.

Next, the United States. I know America has a lot of enemies, and a lot of people hate America for what it has done (eg Iraq), hate its arrogance (eg lecturing other countries about human rights), etc.

There are also people who point to America’s problems– drugs, guns, crime, even the current financial crisis- as evidence of no-greatness or soon-to-be-lost greatness.

But if you can look beyond these, I think you can see that America really lives up to its tagline as the “land of opportunity”. In 2008 a black man was elected to the highest office in the land, something unimaginable as recently 40 years ago when there was still racial segregation. We all know of the poor immigrants who have made it big in America, starting companies in their garages and then changing the world. While one should not belittle the ingenuity and hard work of these entrepreneurs, one should also realise it is the system which made it possible for them to succeed.

America has also made great contributions to the world. Europe was a shattered land after WW2, America through the Marshall Plan rebuilt Europe.

America did the same for Japan under the Occupation. Think about it! Rebuilding a country that had deceived and attacked you brutally at Pearl Harbor instead of asking for war reparations! Offering friendship and a security umbrella to an enemy. In fact, some Americans think the US was stupid to help Japan and create a competitor economy that threatened to overtake the US economy in the 70’s.

America has also been extremely generous apart from the huge amounts spent to reconstruct Europe and Japan after the war. Whenever there is any natural disaster, America always provides aid, from both government and non-governmental organisations. Americans are always one of the first on-site to provide disaster relief. The Peace Corps and other such organisations are filled with Americans who really desire to help the world.

The ideals that America stands for- freedom, liberty, human rights- have changed the world, and in my view, for the better. It’s not wrong for people to aspire to be free, to have freedom of speech, religion, assembly and to enjoy free and fair elections.

Americans’ various scientific and business inventions and ideas, ranging from the telephone and the transistor, to business innovations such as MBO and Six Sigma, have revolutionised and changed the world. So too in the field of music, entertainment, sports, etc.

America has made so much contributions to the world its greatness unquestioned. I believe those who think its days of greatness are numbered due to the current financial crisis are ignoring how America has always bounced back. From the Depression. From the oil shocks and stagflation of the 70’s. And even from its humiliation in the 80’s in the wake of the Iranian hostage crisis, loss of influence and when it was the world’s greatest debtor nation under threat of being overtaken by Japan as the world’s largest economy.

If a country has the right system and the right spirit, it will correct itself and bounce back, stronger and better than ever.

As for Singapore, I think one can easily evaluate the country using the above yardsticks and decide for oneself whether it can be considered a great nation.


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39 Responses to What Makes A Great Nation?

  1. Cassandra X says:

    What are your thoughts about Israel’s actions regarding the Palestinian situation? Do you feel they have made Israel greater, or diminished Israel?

    How do you see Britain’s actions in China, a hundred years ago? Has this contributed to Britain being great? Or did it lay the seeds of certain mentalities in China today?

    Do you see America’s post-WW2 role in Europe and Japan as altruistic? Or was there an element of self-interest, giving the lessions of the First World War and how its victors treated the vanquished?

    No country is perfect, least of all Singapore. Beware the imperfections seen through imperfect lenses of rosy or tarry tint – for they may through one’s lenses be perfected.

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  3. SN says:

    Israel a great nation? I stopped reading there. As if the persecution of the Palestinians is a great thing to do.


    • Jafri Basron says:

      The level of Israelis intelligence is admired and adored the world over but the Israelis failure to “see” and “understand” the sufferings and the injustice done towards the Palestinian people simply makes many of the Israelis nothing but nin compo.

      • Steve says:

        I’m sure that Jews aren’t admired by any.. Not trying to be rude but there’s a reason they have been persecuted so much by shouting everywhere that they are the chosen ones

    • Daniel says:

      Agreed ^^

  4. Kain says:

    Nice write-up but contentious examples. What makes Israel great? Well. kudos to surviving one of the worst genocide in history but the success story is soured by how they deal with the Palestinian issue. Granted it would take a few saints on both side of the equations to work out something but hey, greatness is achieved in the face of calamity.

    • Would you say LKY was a great man despite his methods? If you’re looking for a perfect shining specimen, you won’t find it in the real world.

      • Kain says:

        Yes I agreed there is no perfect specimen. Just that you point out Israel as a great country is grating… considering its decade long treatment of Palestinians. You expect greater from a country that has the holocaust as its national tragedy.

        On that note alone, I reject Israel on your list. 🙂
        On a subjective topic like this, you will always have arguments on who should/should not make the list.

      • Thanks for comment. I think the Palestinian issue is too complex to have one party completely in the right and one party completely in the wrong. The first contention is Israel’s right to exist. Which Arab nation has recognised this? Only Egypt, and Sadat was killed for it. The Arabs went to war three times with Israel. Till today there are Arab countries which refuse to allow entry to foreigners who have Israeli immigration stamps in their passports. And there are organisations like Hamas who call for the destruction of Israel, there are those who don’t believe the Holocaust happened and who think Sep 11 was a Jewish plot.

        On the contrary we don’t hear Israel refusing to recognise Arab nations, or calling for their destruction.

        Till today the only man brave and willing enough to make peace with Israel was Sadat. I don’t understand why others won’t.

        What I do know is this: the Jews are survivors and fighters. If they can survive genocide starting from Biblical times right to the Holocaust, there is no way that they will be cowed into giving up land by force or terror. Nothing can be achieved by Hamas. If the Arabs don’t want to make peace with Israel like Egypt did, the Palestinian situation will continue forever.

      • Daniel says:

        Oh wow so much talk about the Jews in the holocaust underneath and how much harm it did to Israel. That’s funny so how about Poland? Is it a great country for surviving the Holocaust to? Do you know how many polish people were killed in it? If I were you I’d read about it a little more.

  5. gagak says:

    I used to think like you 15 years ago. But since then, I learnt things that I should not know .
    There is no such thing as a great nation.
    Israel is not a great nation over their continuous mistreatment of the co-occupier of the land.
    The Brits use Opium War to start a war with China. They are so ashamed of this that UK History Books do not write about this.
    The USA is not great either, they are the master of underhanded shameless wars for companies from Standard Oil to Goldman Sachs held the Middle East hostage over the petrodollars. The generosity after WWII is a calculated self-interest to promote their selfish causes.

  6. Great!
    So is there such thing as a great personality, place or even thing?
    Gandhi? Alexander the Great? Akbar the Great? A great religion? LKY, is great? Says who? For what, and to whom? Mao and his revolutionary group brought China out of dark feudal servitude. That’s not great?

  7. kat says:

    Very few people know this..the USA provides the most food aid to the needy nations of the world. Great article & insight of America. Not many will agree with you but I agreed with you 100% regarding your insights about America. In spite of all the problems that America is facing now, like in their past history, she will bounce back because of our system of democracy. It is not perfect but it’s form of democracy has been in existence for over 200 years.

    • Daniel says:

      They provide food to people in countries that wish America would stay out. Those developing countries, most of their income comes from farming food. Can you imagine how their profits dwindle when for a month they have been growing wheat and all of a sudden the U.S.A dumps a few tons of it onto their people…? The whole purpose of growing their own food becomes pointless because it’s not worth anything in the end. Moving on think about working so hard and then realizing it was all worth next to nothing. That would discourage any man from future motivation to work on anything. Therefore who will want to work/better their country if all their work is worth nothing. Those people after getting food and supplies dumped on them have no purpose in life… think about that next time you think that Americans dumping food on a undeveloped country is a good thing.

      • Bryan says:

        I call Bullshit in your logic. Most of the Countries where we give aid in foods are devastated with war and famine. Their countries are so war torn that most farmers are killed in an attempt to control population through starving. Also they’re so polluted that food can’t even grown. Do you really believe America harms the starving people in the world by feeding them? You are pathetic.

  8. Daft Singaporean says:

    It is sad that you are a Chinese and yet felt sick to be a Chinese for some reasons you cited. It is perhaps you have not read enough history. USA is no great nation if you know the truths behind all those policies against other nations. You have said Mao brought China into dark ages. While Mao may have made mistakes, the fact that China has today high literacy rate is because of his idea to simply the Chinese writing. If you were Chinese, without a powerful China today since its successful testing of atomic bomb in 1960s, you will today be looked down by the westerner – Chinese are the sick man of the East. I wonder if you read and know the past history. Of course, Singapore can never be a great nation because of its dictatorship political system. One of the comments said that very few people know …USA provides the most food aid to the needy nations of the world. Please take some time to read this good book by Raj Patel, Stuffed and starved: the hidden battle for the world food system. Then you would understand who USA provided so much food aids to the so-called needy nations. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. But, it is important to read more and widely so that you can better judge what is happening on the surface. The world is not what you think what it is on the surface. Read more and think for yourself. Thereafter, you may change your view totally and be proud again of what you are, not necessarily as a Chinese. If you are not proud of who you are, how could you make a difference that changes the world, and how could Singapore become a great nation if most of its population have such a mindset. It is real sad in this aspect.

    • Thanks for comments. I am thinking for myself– why do you think this site exists? I will read more. But for now I must respectfully disagree with your views. For instance, Mao increased lliteracy by simplifying Chinese? Notwithstanding that many learned chinese scholars are still very sore about that, where’s your evidence? Is Taiwan’s literacy rate much poorer because it didn’t simpplify chinese script?

      Those who defend china tend to look at the west as “imperialists”, and from your tone it sounds like you’re one. I don’t think one needs an atom bomb to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with others. Japan managed to recover from zero to the World’s second largest economy even after renouncing nuclear weapons. At one time books were written, such as “Japan as No 1”.

      But anyway, greatness is not about military power.

      I think the chinese will be better served by people who don’t have a siege mentality, who don’t harbour grudges from the past. Japan doesn’t, even though hundreds of thousands died from two atom bombs. Germany didn’t. Neither did Italy.

      • Daft Singaporean says:

        I look at the west from history and current affairs view points. I never supported China’s communist system. I am looking at those historical facts and comments. If you read the history, China can never be today if not going to the communism way in that turbulent period. It is not a fair comparison on literacy rates between Taiwan and China mainland. Do you know how big is China mainland in terms of both land size and population? The point is traditional Chinese is far more difficult to learn by the peasants. I cited the Chinese atomic bomb testing in 1960s because it is a significant event that thereafter the Chinese can look eye to eye at same level as the westerners. I am not saying military power is a factor to great nation. I personally experienced the event in the 1960s. We must understand today’s West has come a long way and they are not like today’s in the past centuries. They have gone through the “dark ages” of China today. Given another 50 years, China would probably evolve into what the West is today. Do you think USA today is doing all the “good” things for other nations and not acting on their own interest? What do you think US food aids, IMF, WTO, World Bank, etc actually do and whom these benefit? Why would Japan set up Asia Development Bank after WW2? Why did Japan not apologize to those countries suffered from its invasion during WW2? Why would Japan harbour grudges from the atomic bomb attacks if it has killed far too many innocent people in Asia during WW2? You need to read more history. Not just the historical story but the analysis to answer all these questions.

        I am not saying USA is not a great nation. It is because of its influence on almost everyone’s life on earth. My point is that we should not feel sick to be Chinese because of China, or to be Indian because of India. We must be proud of who we are, learn from the history in order to understand the evolution of our world. Whether you like it or not, USA is confirmed declining. In fact, USA has began declining since Korean war (that they did not win) and Vietnam war (that they lost). It will take another 50 years for China to catch up and become world’s dominance. And, you cannot stop the turning of this giant history wheel.

      • Political Writings says:

        Thank you for comments. I must respectfully disagree. I don’t agree with you about literacy thru simplified script, I don’t agree with you about Japan, I don’t agree with you about US.

        To start with, one should point out that China has been around more than 5,000 years, far longer than many western civilisations. China was at the height of refinement and culture during the Tang dynastic when westerners were still savages. Why then did China regress to the dark ages?

        There is a huge difference between China and the West that there is no way China will be like the West in 50 years. This is not to say that China cannot be rich, cannot be powerful, cannot have influence, etc. The USSR was once a superpower too, and had half the world under its sphere of influence. But USSR was never a leader in scientific innovation, literature, culture, media, etc. It will be the same with China. The basic and fundamental reason for this is because of a fundamental belief in individual freedom and liberty vs the control and fear of loss of power by the Communist Party.

        The US declared in its Declaration of Independence more than 200 years ago: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

        It took them 200 years– and they didn’t start from an imperial dynastic system. I don’t see the Communist Party willingly giving up power in 100 years. So why do you think it can change in 50 years? Anyway, to say China can “catch up and dominate” in 50 years shows (1) your victim mentality; and (2) your view that China should lord it over other countries.

        The reason I consider the US a great nation is not because it “dominates” other countries– in fact, those who hate the US hate it precisely because America is sometimes so arrogant. I consider the US a great nation because of the ideals it stands for– freedom, justice, liberty, human rights– and how its actions have made the world better.

        One does not admire someone just because they are rich and powerful. Indeed, the greatest of people, such as Gandhi and Mother Teresa, were very poor. Ditto for nations– one does not need great power to be admired, or even to say “I made it”.

        The victim mentality some Chinese have is wrong.

      • Fred Khoo says:

        Sorry to disagree. You mentioned Japan, Germany and Italy and they don’t have a siege mentality. Well, that’s because these 3 countries were fallen aggressors.

        China was bullied and humiliated by the Western powers and they remember. Imagine small countries like Holland and Portugal cutting a slice of Chinese territory. They did all that when China was divided and weak, so is it any wonder that the Chinese government is doing their best not to allow such thing to happen again? You may be too young to remember that Chinese in the US were called “Chinks” and when children learn to draw, the first thing they did was to draw a “Chinaman” – a stick man with a pigtail. The Westerner cannot and will not distinguish between a Chinese from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or San Franscisco. To them we are all “slit-eye chinks”

        The families of the people in Japan, Germany and Italy who died should blame their own governments for going to war (and being aggressors at that!). The governments brought the tragedy on their own people.

    • Another Daft Singaporean says:

      Okay so here’s the discussion about great nations.

      Firstly, I think we need to make clear the differences between a nation and a state. A nation, for simple definition,refers to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, and/or history, while a state is an organised political community, living under a government. Of course there are such places known as “nation-states” which both the definitions apply. But more often than not, people now refer to entities more often in the “state” sense, rather than the “nation” sense.

      If I am to say, Singapore is not even a true “nation” yet because the shared history & culture of us remains very short indeed, and the “state” form which we acquired is just almost 50 years old.

      Both the nation and state(s) forms of the United States are long as compared to us. Although one might say that the U.S experienced much turmoil throughout their development, it is precisely of these turmoils (both internally and externally) that the U.S came about to become a great nation, in your words. That I have no disagreements.

      But to mention China as not a great nation might just be questionable. Of course you guys have discussed about China in its modern sense, I believe we should take a look at China as a nation, not as a political entity (the state). China existed and ran for the longer time as a nation, not a state. One mentioned that China created gunpowder and imperial exams. But I believe we should look past the more tangible achievements of China and perhaps look deeper. How about ideas such as Confucianism? Neighbouring places such as South-East Asia, Korea and even Japan has been deeply influenced by this.
      (Note: Communist ideology did not originate from China)

      If we criticise people like Mao and relate it to the nation known as China, I think it’s
      problematic. I believe even Mao had some good qualities and did some good(at least he sucessfully introduced a state entity,although whether the state runs in a good way is besides the point) it’s just that maybe the problems caused later in China were too disastrous. It’s very risky to link up the Communist Party with the nation. After all they have been ruling for only over 60 years, which is a tiny fraction as compared to the “nation”.

      Like you said, the USSR was not a great nation. But Russia(the nation) was. If you said
      Russia was not a great nation in terms of scientific innovation, literature,etc, then you might just consider again. Many of the greatest literature came from Russia.
      Tolstoy?Chekhov? How about Euler? It’s more appropriate to say that maybe the nation
      did not have such influences under the suffocating atmosphere of the state back then.

      And for a better tone, maybe you meant that you did not identify with both the “nation” and the “state” notions of China, and therefore you felt bad about being identified as a “chinese”. Identity is a social contruct.

      (Food-for-thought : what do you think of chinese americans then?)

  9. Wary of Anglo-philes says:

    you sound like you belong to the tea party in the US. are you sure you’re chinese?

    • kat says:

      First of all, what do you know of the tea party other than what was presented in the liberal media in the USA? Secondly, I’d like to know how you’re able to make such a qualification re the tea party…..do you reside in the US and is a part of the American society, assimilating, working & a taxpaying citizen of the US to know how American society really functions? Or is it just from the media that you’re getting all these one-sided & biased information? America for all its warts have much much more good in her. compared to other nations.

      • Wary of Anglo-philes says:

        easy for you to shoot out seemingly legitimate, pompous questions rhetorically placing yourself on the moral high ground, asking me for proof when all i see are one-sided assertations.

        you should speak only when you have walked through the streets of Detroit and tried to counsel families living along Michigan Ave, seeing their breadwinners laid off from factories and their kids dying from drugs and guns on the street.

        you should speak only when you’ve picked up the physical wreckage of entire lives and families from the rotting, flooded remains of St Bernard’s Parish in New Orleans, left high and dry 30 months after Katrina.

        you should speak only when you make friends and colleagues with underprivileged African American and Hispanic workers in the vegetable, tobacco and pig farms of Western North Carolina, looking for equality of opportunity and finding out that it has nothing to do with your outcomes in the end.

        For every tea party there is occupy wall street. only speaking from either side alone just makes yo look foolish.

        i never said there was no good in America. but i won’t be your straw man either.

  10. ANiceGuy says:

    Indeed, these are great nations. Their qualities are as great as their defects, which is a fact that people sometimes overlook.

  11. Bob says:

    Sure, everyone is entitled to their notion of what makes a great nation. While the author cited the contribution Israel/Jews have made in terms of banking system, one shall not forget it is this system that has been acknowledged for the our numerous global financial crisis throughout time again and again. A conniving system that was mainly created only in the interest of the lender, it has bred greed and narcissism. Proven or not, that’s up to you. Do you also know that the ‘so-called’ Israeli/Jewish settlers would just walk in to a non-Jewish home and claim it is theirs? The rationale? Because they exerted that the land, in this instance, West Jerusalem, belonged to them since thousands of years ago and the Palestinians have no rights despite the fact that there was written evidence of house ownership to the rightful Palestinian for the past century. The Israei police didn’t do anything except to ascertain non-violence confrontation between affected parties. Still a great nation?

  12. Michigan Ave says:

    Go read on Plato’s five regime. No nations in the world will ever maintain their greatness forever, the rich become lazy and complacent and think of making empires and goes around bullying other nations, the poor is very motivated and works hard to be rich. It goes in a cycle. Just look at China’s history, they have their own Enlightened period and Dark ages. Same goes for US & UK. The US had to go through Civil war etc before becoming a Great Nation. The UK was the dominant power in the 19th century, but look at where it is now? My how the great has fallen. Just look at history and you will find many answers to what is being discussed here. Look at Babylon, Egypt, Greek etc.. All these nations have their glory days before but none are able to maintain.. This is life.. China will face many problems in this century, no doubt about it. But I see very hard working working population that has the discipline and motivation to get China to where it was in her old glory days. In the Western world, I see a population that is accustomed to entitlements, that constantly cry out to their government for handouts, stimulus etc, when the answer to their problems is to work harder, for longer hours and less pay so as to be competitive.

    Singapore’s rise to having great wealth today is a result of their older generation’s hard work and motivation, whether or not current generation can maintain the economic progress achieved by generations before them depends on whether they can stomach the necessary bitter medicines provided by their government and work hard as their predecessors did. But as history has shown, once people get rich, they always forget how is it like to be poor. And when tough time comes, instead of embracing the right policies necessary for survival, people always blame foreigners etc.. So we shall see how it goes. If things goes bad in Singapore, it may very soon be that Chinese in China who looks down on Singapore Chinese instead of the other way around.


  13. K Das says:

    Israel conceding and recognizing a Palestinian State is no issue at all. They have already declared a two nation policy for co-existing – Israel and Palestine. The Palestinians are not in control of themselves. They are part controlled and manipulated by some key Arab regimes around, who do not recognize the existence of Israel and wants its destruction. It is the Palestinians who should decide their destiny and go ahead by passing meddling Arabs. What do you want? If the land you are asking is 10,000 sq km and Israel is currently conceding only 8,000, grab it and declare your nation, leaving the 2,000 on hold for further negotiations. Israel, US should give the new country all the help and protection to take off along with the support of other nations. If you leave it to the Arabs, the Palestinians may not see an independent nation to call their own, for years to come.

  14. RockinRollin says:

    I was researching for my paper and I bumped on this site. And my lecturer was telling our class what a great nation Singapore is and that this century will be the century of Asians because they are Industrious, hardworking & motived. Oh my, centuries of Western dominance must’ve been so traumatizing for Asians that Asians developed such an inferiority complex of themselves :O.

    Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVcKkPflmT8

    Lee Kwan Yew is a well respected statesman in our site of the world but apparently being looked upon as something of an oddball in Singapore. I guess grass is always greener on the other side. Don’t be too hard on yourselves, just think of the Han & Tang times if you think there is nothing great in your civilization.

    Just for comparison with Britain’s contribution around the world. China has contributed in her own ways to other nations, all you need to do is to have an open mind instead of feeling too inferior of yourselves then you wouldn’t be blinded by your own biases against your own civilization. Just take a look at sinosphere, you will notice that China exported Silk making, Paper making, writing system, Confucianism, Architecture etc at their Zenith.

    It has been a pleasure reading articles written by you folks :).

    Best Regards,
    R R

  15. Milk says:

    Basically whatever you think is a great nation is one. Pathetic article. Don’t try to pass your skewed opinions as truth. Israel is not a great nation, not even close. China is becoming one. The US is, but not for long. India is also becoming one. Britain was. Russia was. Greece was, a veeery long time ago. Get the picture? Israel is a speck that is hated by almost everyone. Israel has contributed nothing.

  16. Milk says:

    Your idea that China has not accomplished anything is patently false. Almost every nation in the east/ southeast asian sphere has been culturally influenced by the chinese. Gunpowder was arguably the most important invention of the middle ages and guess where it was invented. Printing, another great invention, gues where it was invented. Paper, the same. Paper money, yup. No accomplishments? laughable. Your ignorance is astounding.

  17. Ariana says:

    Fine way of explaining, and fastidious article to take information concerning my
    presentation topic, which i am going to deliver in college.

  18. zubairu says:

    Is a nigeria a great nation

  19. Ghanaian says:

    You cannot hurt the hand that feeds you anyway. No wonder you are writing in favour of America. Bomboclat!

  20. Mr Jones says:

    Was enjoying the blog until you mentioning Israel being a great nation! You fool. Do you have any idea what both Israel & Zionist Jews have done to our world. Investigate 9/11 (properly) then ask yourself if Israel is a great nation! Israel is an illegal state based on land theft & mass genocide. The word generosity & Israel can not be mentioned in the same sentence.

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