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Six Months Is Up (aka Hawker Centres As Public Goods)

Six months ago, during the May 2011 general election, PAP led a campaign to ask hawkers to “voluntarily” hold prices for six months as one of the ways to “address” the cost of living. Today reported on 30 Oct 11: … Continue reading

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Stars & Stripes

There are flags everywhere in New York city. Not just Govt buildings, but everywhere: offices, businesses, shopping malls, hotels, homes, even work sites and trucks. For a country where flag burning is Constitutional, it’s amazing how many Americans love their … Continue reading

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Who Didn’t Speak in Parliament?

The opening session of the 12th Parliament has drawn to a close. Much publicity has been given to those who spoke. But apparently only about 70 MP’s spoke, which means about 20 are unaccounted for. Guess who are the ones … Continue reading

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OTP Series* IV: PAP: Stay Arrogant, Stay Clueless

The recent “debates” at the opening of the 12th Parliament show that PAP still doesn’t get it. 1. Teo Chee Hean: ISA is the Govt’s greatest “shield” to protect the people, and proceeded to cite the unrest caused by CPM … Continue reading

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What Makes A Great Nation?

Some people say that Singapore is a great nation, and when pressed for justification, talk about how clean, efficient and safe Singapore is, about the world-class airport and harbour, about the lack of corruption, etc. In the aftermath of the … Continue reading

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