How Wrong We Were!

We thought the PA was created to serve the people. How wrong we were!

The PA was not created to “serve” the people, it was created to serve the Government!

So says our PM, who personally cleared two letters written by PA to the press explaining why it appoints defeated PAP candidates as grassroots advisers in some constituencies.

It matters not that PA is funded by public money. So are HDB, CPF and all other stat boards.

PA is supposed to carry out govt policy.

While its activities– anything from guitar lessons to line dancing– may be wholly non-political, it is supposed to “explain” Govt policy to the people.

How can non-PAP MP’s do that?

The logic is irrefutable.

Those who think otherwise need a reality check: PA is a stat board created expressly for the purpose of carrying out Govt policy. PA is not an Organ of State which can act independently of the Govt. Unlike the Courts, for instance, PA cannot act against the Govt’s wishes.

Notwithstanding the above, I think it’s time for the PA to be disbanded.

Something is wrong if after 50 years of existence, we still need a People’s Association to explain Govt policy.

Million-dollar ministers should do it themselves, and their enthusiastic PAP MP’s who vote to ramrod such such policies down our throats should do it themselves.

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Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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4 Responses to How Wrong We Were!

  1. As the self serving mechanism of the PAP gets revealed one by one, Singaporeans witness the stripping away of the layers to expose a naked, shameless and tacky propaganda structure that serves purely to maintain the status quo of the party.

    Indeed, it is only not in name that we are under a dictatorship.

  2. What's So Wrong? says:

    ” And by “politicization” in this context, we mean the process of redirecting federal personnel and assets to the accomplishment of a partisan political agenda.”

    Article by Scott Horton
    “Politicizing the Civil Service”
    Harper’s Magazine

  3. Pardon my expression but Singaporeans are “fooked” big time! The cheap rhetoric of how “apolitical” PA is, is nothing but a lie!

    I’m with you and Yawning Bread. Let’s disband the PA and not live with the insult! To have it out of the mouth of the PM of Singapore shows just how fooking desperate he is!

  4. Not a PAP fan says:

    Singaporeans have been treated like “mushrooms” for decades – kept in the dark and fed with bullshit.

    Thank the 60% in Aljunied and Hougang for shedding some light.

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