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PE 2011: Who Won, Who Lost, And Why

1. Tan Kin Lian He comes across as a benign, constantly-blinking, diffident, slow-speaking, almost senile old man, totally out of his depth in international politics. The majority aren’t ready for such a man to be President. 2. Tan Jee Say … Continue reading

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Presidential Election 2011 Predictions

Tan Kin Lian <10% Tan Jee Say ~20-30% Tan Cheng Bock ~20-30% Tony Tan ~30-40% I'm on a political fact-finding mission overseas now and don't have time to check the Constitution to confirm if there will be a run-off between … Continue reading

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Did They Boo Tony Tan? Or Someone Else?

This will be a short post, as I’m 1/3 into my political fact-finding mission in UK. Apparently Dr Tony Tan was booed by Tan Jee Say supporters and the latter had to admit this was “not right”. But I don’t … Continue reading

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Political Writings Off To UK To Study Democracy!

Political Writings is going to the UK for three weeks to broaden his understanding of western democracy. No doubt PAP leaders will seize upon the August UK riots as further justification why there cannot be freedom of assembly, freedom of … Continue reading

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The NATO President

ST reported today (6 Aug) that Law Minister Shanmugam stated quite clearly that the President cannot speak on political matters outside of his executive powers, except upon advice of the Cabinet. This is the same position as mine, which caused … Continue reading

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