He Doesn’t Understand Political Donations

“So far, the donations have been slow. The support from the ordinary citizens have also been slow – which is typical of Singaporeans – to wait for the last minute. It is hard for me to plan my activities when the funding is not clear.

“I can meet the expenses on my own, but I want the people to have the chance to contribute financially to the campaign as well. I do not wish to shoulder this arduous task and journey on my own, with the help of a few supporters.” – Tan Kin Lian

Based on the above, I’d have to say Mr Tan doesn’t understand political donations.


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2 Responses to He Doesn’t Understand Political Donations

  1. Tan Kin Lian says:

    Dear author of this blog,
    Don’t worry about my fund raising. I have my own strategy. And I want to pass my message to the people of Singapore. I hope that you will write something positive that will get Singaporeans to contribute to a cause that they believe in.

    • Thanks for comments. This post is not about your fundraising capability or likelihood of success. It’s about your understanding of fundraising.

      An election is not a “burden” and people do not donate to a candidate to “share” his burden.

      People donate and volunteer because they believe in a cause.

      The overseas Chinese donated to Sun Yat Sen because they believed in his cause.

      I think the pertinent question is not whether you have enough $$ to fund your campaign, or whether you are burdened.

      It’s whether people believe in your cause.

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