The Clash of the Tri-Tans!

So it will be Dr Tony Tan (“How could I not step forward?”) vs Tan Cheng Bock vs Tan Kin Lian.

Strange, how all candidates claim to have fiercely independent streaks, when at least two of them were PAP politicians for over 20 years.

PAP’s strategy is clear: Put Tony Tan as the “govt”-endorsed candidate to fight against an independent Tan Kin Lian, with Tan Cheng Bock as the compromise candidate.

Hence the voter’s decision is now simplified: Choose Tony Tan if you are pro-PAP, Tan Kin Lian if you’re anti-PAP, and Tan Cheng Bock if you are neither.

This Presidential election will thus really hinge on how Tan Kin Lian performs.

If he’s elected, PAP will get the message that trying to move one of their own men into the Presidency will no longer be accepted by the people.

If he does what he says, ie to speak up on behalf of the people, the PAP will have an unpleasant decision to make: should they go for a gag order against the President, or tolerate him.


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9 Responses to The Clash of the Tri-Tans!

  1. bongkinchen says:

    The Dr has my vote. He has less past political baggage of the incumbents. I have no vote for the Phd. Even though he has technically resigned to meet the key requirement for EP, he is still at heart and soul an ardent supporter of his previous political party. HOWEVER, IF IT IS BETWEEN THE DR AND TKL, THE LATTER HAS MY VOTE DEFINITELY. He touches the ground decisively by donating half the EP salary to charity. He has the least insignificant past political baggage of the incumbents. He was born with a wooden spoon unlike the other two richer gentries, one with a golden spoon and the other with a silver spoon. Such upbringing behavioural traits especially of arrogrance, elitism, etc remain in their respective character permanently. It cannot be eradicated. It can only be ameliorated.
    TKL will forever be the foremost servant of the Citizens. The others may be servant now but your Master later upon being elected just like their past political cohorts have amply demonstrated. SO VOTE FOR THE TRUE ELECTORATE SERVANT, TKL.
    The elected President before his statutory endorsement can and must be able to give his assessment of the endorsed subject. Such comments must be made available to the Citizenry. There should not be any political curtailment, legal or otherwise, of his prime duty and foremost responisbilty of his high office in communicating to the Electorate that elected and appointed him, not the Cabinet.
    He can put forth his sincere and unbiased non-partisan views. If it comes to the crunch of opinions, he can unequivocally mention accordingly. If Parliament seeks to remove him, he can without doubt be re-elected to office again with a greater winning majority in a National Presidential Election, if he stands fast to his principles of honesty, fair-play, justice and equality. The final analysis is probably Parliament will be dissolved and there will most likely be another General Election. You may contemplate other scenarios.

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  8. K Das says:

    It is myopic thinking to assume that the President will have no role whatsoever to play
    in influencing the policy directions of the Government. One can expect, with changes in
    the political landscape we see now, for Singaporeans to convey their views, frustrations
    and aspirations on public policy issues not only to the Government as they do now but to
    the President as well thus opening up a second channel for public opinion. Not only the Government but the President too can read the pulse on the ground. It will be incumbent upon the Government
    to consider seriously any measured and valuable advice the President may give that may
    call for some tweaking or changing of specific policies that impact public interests. Any
    public airing on such matters by any of the two parties, can have unpleasant
    consequences, more so for the Government.

    There must be sincere and harmonious relationship between the Government and the President to safeguard and promote the present and longterm interests of Singapore and Singaporeans. It is fool hardy for one party to curb or cripple the power of the other.

  9. Thanks for comments. I’d prefer to have a Lower House rather than to politicise the President’s office.

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