Hollow Victory

Apparently MOM had a “chat” with a recruitment agency that advertised positions for PR’s and employment pass holders only, and the latter immediately withdrew their “discriminatory” practice.

Tan Chuan Jin claimed credit for this in his Facebook post, adding that employers need to maintain fair employment practices.

Sorry, BG Tan, you missed the point completely.

First, what the agency did was not against the law, because MOM refuses to introduce legislation against employment discrimination. How many people have lost job opportunities and have no avenue to seek redress because there’s no Act to protect them?

Second, employment agencies do not hire for themselves, but for placement to other employers. Obviously, it is the agency’s clients which prefer to hire foreigners on work passes and/or PR’s over Singaporeans.

BG Tan needs to understand why this is so. Could it be that employers find it easier and cheaper to hire foreigners over Singaporeans? Could it be that foreigners are preferred because they have no NS obligations, no CPF? Are Singaporeans too choosy?

If it is for cost reasons, I wouldn’t blame employers for choosing foreign workers. That’s not discriminatory– that’s economics.

BG Tan, as a general you should recognise a real military victory over a hollow victory. Successfully forcing an agency to withdraw such an ad does not change employers’ real preference for foreign workers and is nothing more than a hollow victory.

Until either the rules or the economics are changed, foreigners will continue to be preferred over Singaporeans.

If MOM doesn’t tackle the real cause of employers’ preference for foreign workers, Singaporeans will forever be disadvantaged when it comes to employment within their own country.


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4 Responses to Hollow Victory

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  2. Using the Right Tool for the Job says:

    How can a scholar who never had to apply for a job understand?

    You don’t ask a civil engineer to perform eye surgery do you?

    You don’t ask an eye surgeon to solve a flooding problem do you?
    Ooops! Sorry. Bad example.

    So many L-Plate politicians around.
    They need to wear an L-Plate like all new drivers.

  3. SE says:

    Agree with you on this. He’s treating the symptoms not attacking the root cause.
    Case in point. If local employers are “unwilling” to give their maids day off since they’re not legally required to, why do you think we expect Employers will? Same logic, but most don’t get it. In fact, from FW, to FT, they are now moving into recruiting FIS (foreign investment schemes) ie. importing instant-entreprenuers who have money and ideas to play, instead of nurturing local entrepreneurs.

  4. snkbc says:

    All true local talents are now outside the PAP.
    This is the result of multi million dollar compensation.

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