Gratitude = Servitude?

Much as “opp” parties have made gains in GE2011, they still have a huge task to win over the pre-Internet generation, for whom gratitude = servitude to PAP.

The following FB excerpt shows why:
Old Man We live in a glass house. we may not allow any to throw stone
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Me Why do you believe the PAP bullshit? They use it to justify their existence.
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Old Man If no PAP, you will be somewhere as labourer
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Me If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.
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Old Man Perhaps you don’t know how poor we were. A house lives a few families, a family lived in a room, every thing was put in the room, charcoal, sugar, soya sauce ! Those were the days before PAP came to power.
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Me I remember having to live in one-room flats with long dark corridors. I remember cement floors with only chat chiok covering. I remember having foldable tables in the living room which were folded away in the night so we could unroll mats to sleep on the floor at night. I also remember regular power outages.
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Me But the fact that PAP led us out of kampongs does not mean they have a god-given right to rule, nor are they the only ones capable to rule. It is to their interest to perpetuate this myth.
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Old Man Ya, it is good to acknowledge the good deeds done. Every 5 years, they have to get our mandate. If they don’t perform and deviate from their past good work, we can tell them through the ballot. On the other hand, we have to make sure the alternative is good and reliable and not just opportunists out to cash on the situation. This is of utmost importance
Yesterday at 10:59am · LikeUnlike

Me You show your bias by that statement. What makes you think it’s not the PAP candidates who are opportunists? On balance of probabilities, it is far more likely for PAP candidates to be opportunists. After all, they have the walkovers, they have the free ride on the coat tails of ministers into the cushy $15k allowance jobs, they don’t have to worry about being sued or getting arrested.
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Old Man PAP had good track records no one can deny. If its new leadership are not up to the mark, the old guards will come out to correct. They have quite a thorough selection process as can be seen. On the other hand, the alternatives have not been tested other than Mr Low and Mr Chiam. It is only prudent that we take a conservative view. You have to show your mettle over time
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Me What an absurd assertion. If you don’t give them a chance, how will they ever be tested? Lucky Mr Low and Mr Chiam never had to beg you for a chance to test them.

How many million-dollar ministers will it take to convince you that today’s PAP is not your grandfather’s PAP, even though LKY is still around? How many rounds of once-in-50-years floods will it take for you to see that the PAP is just full of excuses? How much congestion on our buses and trains will it take before you realise PAP can’t plan ahead? How much asset inflation will it take before you realise PAP only understands $$$? How much $$$ must Temasek lose before you accept PAP is not all-seeing and all-knowing?
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What will it take for these old fogeys to understand that today’s opposition is not yesterday’s opposition? What will it take for these old fogeys to understand that the new generation of non-PAP politicians are just as well-educated, just as capable, just as patriotic, and much more public service-oriented than any PAP candidate?

And what will it take for other parties to see that as long as they cede the govt to PAP by default, the electorate will never take them seriously?


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2 Responses to Gratitude = Servitude?

  1. sgcynic says:

    (Grateful) frogs in a well.

  2. ajohor says:

    Frankly, you should at the issues and candidates and not be pro whatever.
    If you claim for the party in power, likewise the party in waiting is also able to enjoy the same monetary benefits which is likely more in the future once more alternatives are conisdered.


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