Awkward? You Don’t Know Awkward!

Inderjit Singh thinks it’s “awkward” for PAP members to have to choose between two “government-endorsed” ex-PAP candidates for President.

He doesn’t know awkward!

Here’s a few more things that are even more “awkward”.

1. The President is supposed to be politically neutral. How can a PAP MP of more than 20 years or a PAP minister of more than 20 years be seen politically neutral, just because they recently resigned from the party?

2. How can a candidate for a politically neutral role, which is supposed to serve as a check on the Govt, be “endorsed” by the Govt?

3. How can PAP-endorsement be equated to Govt-endorsement? If a Presidential candidate is only endorsed by the Govt (ie the Cabinet) and not by the Party as a whole, why should PAP members feel awkward choosing between them? The Party didn’t tell members to vote for any candidate just because the Govt endorsed the candidates.

4. If PAP members feel awkward, why don’t they ask the Govt to NOT endorse any candidates. Indeed, the Govt should not make any kind of statement regarding the Presidential election, and stay out of it completely. Or does the Govt find staying out of Presidential elections awkward?

5. How awkward will it be for Singaporeans to choose between George Yeo and Tan Cheng Bock? Should they give Georgey a second life after MFA? Or give a cushy job to a nondescript PAP backbencher?

Lim Boon Heng is right: given the ground sentiment against PAP, it’s better to have a President who’s not seen as linked to PAP. Too bad Andrew Kuan’s bid has been rejected.

Will the real Tan Kin Lian please stand up?


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10 Responses to Awkward? You Don’t Know Awkward!

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  2. The says:

    Tan Kin Lian will not stand a chance……..

  3. Hello! says:

    Mr Tan Kin Lian was in PAP for over 20 years. So what was he doing there? And suddenly he’s actively asking questions abt govt? Hmm…That’s awkward

  4. GET REAL says:

    Inderjit has clarified his comments. Please look at the clarification on TODAY Online

  5. Leong says:

    You mentioned Tan Kin Lian and Andrew Kuan.
    Guess what? They were former PAP members too!
    That about leaves the rest of us not belonging or previously linked to
    the MIW Party.
    And too bad we’re all not qualified

  6. chemgen says:

    Were Andrew Kuan and Tan Kin Lian really PAP members? Naturally JTC and NTUC are PAP-inclined based on popular perception. If someone left JTC or NTUC to join the presidential race, we would probably say he is PAP.

  7. shornlock says:

    If you’d voted for any party in the past, you’d not be ‘politically neutral’ either. But that’s not what the rules say, and it’s not what we should demand. What we want is someone whose political stance allows him to act as a check on the government of the day, without fear nor favour, and with full consideration of and for the facts. Of course, it would be better if Parliament was composed such that they couldn’t override the President.

  8. lombok says:

    The only non-political candidate that qualify for Presidential election is Mr Sim Wong Woo.

  9. Neutral? You Don't Know Neutral says:

    Good article.

    There should be a “purification period” (moratorium) of 5 years for people who are members of political parties.

    Purification starts when they resign their political party membership.
    And during next 5 years, they are disqualified from running for Presidency.

    This will ensure a certain degree of political neutrality in the office of the President.

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