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He Doesn’t Understand Political Donations

“So far, the donations have been slow. The support from the ordinary citizens have also been slow – which is typical of Singaporeans – to wait for the last minute. It is hard for me to plan my activities when … Continue reading

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说了又不听 听了又不懂 不懂又不问 问了又不做 做了又做错 错了又不认 认了又不改 改了又不服 不服又不说 ….. Question of the day: Does the above apply more to PAP or “Opposition”?

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The Clash of the Tri-Tans!

So it will be Dr Tony Tan (“How could I not step forward?”) vs Tan Cheng Bock vs Tan Kin Lian. Strange, how all candidates claim to have fiercely independent streaks, when at least two of them were PAP politicians … Continue reading

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Hollow Victory

Apparently MOM had a “chat” with a recruitment agency that advertised positions for PR’s and employment pass holders only, and the latter immediately withdrew their “discriminatory” practice. Tan Chuan Jin claimed credit for this in his Facebook post, adding that … Continue reading

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$880K Flats– Smart Move Or Dumb Move?

Sim Lian priced its latest DBSS flats in Tampines at up to $880K for a 5-room designer flat of 108 sqm. Of course the company had to add salt to the wound by claiming its prices were “reasonable”. At least … Continue reading

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The Spirit of Neutrality

The President must be above politics. I don’t understand why some people can’t see that. The President must not be pro-PAP. Neither should he be anti-PAP. He must be someone whom all political factions can respect and support. There are … Continue reading

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Gratitude = Servitude?

Much as “opp” parties have made gains in GE2011, they still have a huge task to win over the pre-Internet generation, for whom gratitude = servitude to PAP. The following FB excerpt shows why: === Old Man We live in … Continue reading

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