NCMP: Right & Wrong

One party made the right choice. One party made the wrong choice.

One party decided to send a dumbo into Parliament, but assuring voters she would be backed by a 15-man choir led by a scholar. I think the only takeaway for voters is that she can’t think for herself, although maybe what the party really wants is to promote the scholar behind her through her speeches in Parliament.

One party decided to send a bright young spark into Parliament instead of a grizzly old general. Absolutely right decision, not only forward-looking but also signalling the shift within the party.


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One Response to NCMP: Right & Wrong

  1. Dao Suan says:

    I suppose most Singaporeans know that there are always back benchers supporting the politics scene in Singapore. And they are no small timers, some play very important roles in the government offices, some are bankers, business man and high flyer etc., Therefore, why do we still need NCMP? The title is embarrasing and sounds like ‘Ambassador at Large”, a high flyer with big title but we have no place to fit these ambassadors, therefore they are ‘at Large”. Non-constituency means no constituency to be in charged of, right?

    I personally suggest that all politicians being voted out in the 2011 GE should just stay cool, back out first, do more ground work and make others aware that they are still around helping Singaporeans in need. They can make their political party and their future candidates known by different methods. Like setting up charity foundations to help the locals and other countries when there is disaster; build their own union organisation to relieve workers of their problems; start saving up for the deposits of their nomination of future candidates, this will prove that they are able to take care of themselves financially before even thinking of serving the others.

    I don’t really like Chen Show Mao, he is like a traitor to me. He should have fight in the Taiwan Parliament, what I mean is really punch one another like the Taiwanese politicians do. What is he doing here anyway, trying to provoke the Indians in Singapore to bring an imported Pakistani or Blangadeshi who just studied a few years in Singapore and get his/her Pink coloured identification and citizenship then go abroad for further studies, made millions of dollars for some “Agricultural Bank of India” and then make a “big” come back during the next GE2016?

    Our government should make it clear in the first place and policies should have been made to block ‘foreign talent” from entering into our parliament. We are already into the 21st century and this is a New Singapore and we have more than enough local born, qualified politicians. Do you see what I see? This is partly why we have so many local talented politicians and no place to put them so they will have to end up as NCMPs or Nominated MPs. Do you think the local Malays will get Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia to contest in the next election 2016 just to spike our system?

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