What Should They Do Now?

SPP: Close shop.

SDA: Close shop

RP: Close shop.

NSP: Elect Nicole Seah to replace GMS as Secretary General. Rename to Nicole Seah Party. Drop the old warhorses like Cheo Chai Chen and Sebastian Teo.

SDP: Continue on the path of light. Do not be tempted again by the Dark Side.

WP: Grow.

PAP: Prepare to lose more seats in 2016.


About politicalwritings

Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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2 Responses to What Should They Do Now?

  1. BaoGong says:

    The matter does not just lie with the brand of the Political Parties, it depends on how the economy of Singapore improves, living cost of Singaporeans well taken care of, housing problems solved etc.; even then we cannot be sure of the transformation of the local mindset in the next GE2016.

    Some voters are confused and rather stupid, why can’t they see what is going on between the true blue Singaporeans and the imported Singaporeans? Why anyone use and allow an imported “Taiwanese Singaporean” to whack out a true blue Foreign Minister? Got the picture!

    If we still do the same thing during the 2016 GE then all of us true blue Singaporeans will be laughing-stocks of the world!

  2. LWL says:

    spot on, on your assessment of the future of the political parties concerned….. though, i think that your suggestion of Nicole Seah taking over NSP, is more tongue-in-cheek.

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