GE2011: Unjustified Angst Over George Yeo

What’s all this angst about “losing” a foreign minister?

First, in real democracies, ministers change regularly with changes of govt, and even sometimes mid-term, when the PM does a cabinet reshuffle to boost popularity. No one should assume that a minister should sit forever, or is indispensable.

Second, we got five good MP’s for the price of one George Yeo.

Five good men and women, who will speak the truth in Parliament, not just provide token “debate”.

Five good men and women, who have earned their spurs from being on the ground, listening to the ordinary people.

Five good men and women, who fought against all odds to get into Parliament, not riding on the coat-tails of ministers.

Is that not worth one George Yeo?

Remember, PAP asked for this, with the GRC system and their strategy of “anchor” ministers. Since they want opp parties to go for broke, they must be responsible for the consequences.

So don’t blame the people of Aljunied, don’t blame WP, and don’t blame the system.

Blame the PAP for the way they want to play this game.

To me, the tragedy is not that we lost George Yeo, but we could have lost Chen Showmao. A real humanist, a brilliant lawyer and a scholar with even better qualifications than any PAP minister, George Yeo included.

Instead of saying we lost George Yeo, say that instead that we lost Nicole Seah, or Michelle Lee, or even Vincent W, because the system forced them to be grouped with other candidates that could have cause them to lose votes.

We’ve lost so many good candidates over the last 20 years, because of the way PAP plays this game.

That’s what PAP has caused politics to become in Singapore.


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7 Responses to GE2011: Unjustified Angst Over George Yeo

  1. Anon says:

    Agreed, the angst should be directed at the GRC system.

    Some useful points that can be seen in other websites are that we can see how the other PAP candidates find a high paying job in the private sector, like in Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan or Lehman brothers. We can then benchmark the MP and minister salaries to that of the losing candidates. For now, we can benchmark to Foo Mee Har’s husband.

    There is also lots of unhappiness about Tin Pei Ling being an MP but not George Yeo. We will see how the PAP reacts (if they do react).

    • The angst is not abt salaries. In any case, the reasoning in those websites does not necessarily hold water. If a top govt official or ex-minister joins the private sector, who’s to say his pay is due to his ability or his influence and contacts in govt circles?

      • Anon says:

        I am happy too that we have 5 quality people in the WP team rather than George Yeo and the four other people. Well, it was the best choice that the people in Aljunied can choose for. Angst? What angst?

        The salary issue is a sideshow indeed. (There are people who think so far ahead!) The losing PAP candidates need a job somewhere. Your point that the losing candidates can get a higher salary due to influence and contacts is certainly valid. If they can get jobs where influence and contacts is not a factor, then we can have good data for future arguments about salary.

  2. Pharmg80 says:

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  4. Old Singa says:

    Good point. The sadness or anger over the “loss” of George Yeo is not justified.

    The blame should NOT be placed upon Aljunied voters, nor the Workers’ Party, nor anybody else, except the GRC System engineered by the PAP’s leadership, especially LKY, GCT and LHL and those Million-Dollar Mini$ter$ who support the GRC System.

    The saying goes: Those who play with fire will be burnt by fire. It is just a matter of time. The burning of PAP’s MP Seng Han Thong was a timely signal to the PAP. Yet the arrogant and self-righteous PAP elites did not bother to care. They keep blaming someone else or something else, except themselves.

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