GE 2011: Regrets

GE 2011 Regret #1: Every non-PAP candidate wants to speak up for us abt cost of living. But none of them dare to promise to do anything other than speak up.

GE 2011 Regret #2: If PAP doesn’t think there’s enough talent to form two teams, what makes the “opposition” think they can form three teams or even five teams? There’s enough talent now, at least for a shadow cabinet. But do they want to fight to win? Or just to be empty vessels?

GE 2011 Regret #3: Why is a smart babe fielded with a bunch of turds in Marine Parade?

GE 2011 Regret #4: Since when did NS become a criteria for a male candidate, foreign-born or otherwise?

GE 2011 Regret #5: The desperation of Alec Tok!

GE 2011 Regret #6: The folly and stupidity of Ng Teck Siong, Sin Kek Tong and Desmond Lim!

GE 2011 Regret #7: The pretenders, no-hopers and fake chopers!

GE 2011 Regret #8: Nothing has changed. The ra-ra at rallies doesn’t disguise that it’s just “opp” parties taking potshots at PAP to entertain the crowd. No serious promises are made to change anything, only to speak up for us. How can rational voters make a decisive choice against PAP under such circumstances?

GE 2011 Regret #9: He had it all, and he squandered it! Nicole Seah, Tony Tan, Hazel Poa, Alec Tok, Jeanette….. All were loyal to him, but he proved unworthy of them.

‎GE 2011 Regret #10: Delusional politicians who want to run in Ang Mo Kio but don’t really hope to win. Why are they wasting voters’ and election officials’ time?

GE 2011 Regret #11: Every party talks the same things: foreign workers, HDB affordability, cost of living, ministerial salaries, voting is “secret”; and the best one of all… leaving no one behind! If they’re all the same, how do I choose among them? Dang, I’ll have to vote for the prettiest face!

GE 2011 Regret #12: Nicole Seah still hasn’t visited me!

GE 2011 Regret #13: Scholars crawling out of the woodwork at the last minute.

GE 2011 Regret #14: Delusional politicians who claim they have plenty of candidates but they have to “t-loan” candidates from other parties.

GE 2011 Regret #15: Everyone wants to be a counting agent, no one wants to be a polling agent.

GE Regret #16: That he did not substitute Tin Pei Ling on Nomination Day. Wooden Blockhead must be cursing himself! How to hold his head high now?


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