GE 2011: A Fair Result, Not Necessarily A Good Result

Useless parties like RP, SDA, SPP got trashed.

Serious and credible parties like WP can differentiate themselves from the opposition riff-raff.

No-hoper candidates, axe-grinders and old warhorses got their just desserts.

Ah-Soh’s were rejected despite their husband’s coat-tails.

Crooked old MP’s past their prime were rejected, as were Johnnys-come-lately and opportunists, despite their scholar credentials.

The very kuai-lan Desmond Lim got his just dessert, losing his deposit.

Tin Pei Ling brought down the PAP team, as expected.

Nicole Seah carried the entire Marine Parade team, as expected.

Worthy newcomers like Chen Showmao and Pritam Singh got a vote of confidence.

Promising new candidates like Michelle Lee, Jeanette Aruldoss, Vincent Wijeysingha and Gerald Giam gave PAP a good run for their money.

The GRC fortress has been broken.

The people have shown that they know quality; that they will choose the better team, even if the PAP fields two ministers and a speaker of parliament. Threats, intimidation, apologies, etc. don’t change this.

The result is a very clear message from the electorate for the “opposition”: field good candidates, as good or better than the PAP candidates, and we’ll vote you. Conversely, field no-hopers and axe-grinders, we’ll dump you!

PAP got a very clear message from the electorate too: don’t threaten us, don’t talk down to us, don’t belittle us, don’t call us to repent.

Still, PAP has 81 seats against 6 for WP. And that’s hardly a good result!


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11 Responses to GE 2011: A Fair Result, Not Necessarily A Good Result

  1. Solo Bear says:

    You forgot to mention that SDP, with their foreign agenda like Human Right and gay rights, also got dumped by the voters.

  2. cy says:

    Not too bad

    I enjoy your posting and learn a lot out of it. The result is not good but PAP old horse got slap on the face, WKS, Lau Goh, NTUC Lim. WP with good planning , Sylia Lim door to door knocking over past 8 years, good candidates like Chan Show Mao and Leader Low TK ALjunied voters have given their votes.

    I always told my firend that wining the election is not easy in Singapore. First your have PAP making the opposition very difficult to complete and Singaporean are the hardest voters to be comvinced.

    Towards the last day, my mother is still telling me that PAP will know who you vote!

    It is fair result, PAP get to rule but being slap with with a GRC and win a consolidation price winning Potong Pasir back.

    HA HA, LKY got to shut up and repend by the son and Lau Goh KPKB with young Lee throwing Tin Tin to pull down the vote!

    Life goes on, STock should open with bang on Monday
    My god this is 1st world country.

  3. bongkinchen says:

    The alternative voices must, must amalgamate and consolidate if they aspire to do well in the following GE. This is their only ticket to Parliament. No other. Concentrate fire political power.

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