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They Don’t Understand Political Donations

I said it before: Singapore lacks a political donation culture, most aptly illustrated by the recent Nicole Seah episode. To recap, Nicole put up a Facebook posting asking for donations to cover her team’s $35,000 election expenses. What raised eyebrows … Continue reading

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Why Ministers’ Pay Should Not Be Cut

Again our PM has displayed great sensitivity. Days after ditching Mah, Raymond Lim and Wong Kan Seng, PM Lee has set up a private sector committee to “review” ministerial pay. While I’m still of the opinion that the absolute level … Continue reading

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Disaster For Opposition in 2016?

Imagine if: Ng Eng Hen got fired. Mah Bow Tan got fired. Wong Kan Seng got fired. Yaacob Ibrahim got fired. LKY retired and shut up for good. Imagine if PAP: Reduced minister salaries Reduced the cost of new HDB … Continue reading

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NCMP: Right & Wrong

One party made the right choice. One party made the wrong choice. One party decided to send a dumbo into Parliament, but assuring voters she would be backed by a 15-man choir led by a scholar. I think the only … Continue reading

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What Should They Do Now?

SPP: Close shop. SDA: Close shop RP: Close shop. NSP: Elect Nicole Seah to replace GMS as Secretary General. Rename to Nicole Seah Party. Drop the old warhorses like Cheo Chai Chen and Sebastian Teo. SDP: Continue on the path … Continue reading

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GE2011: Unjustified Angst Over George Yeo

What’s all this angst about “losing” a foreign minister? First, in real democracies, ministers change regularly with changes of govt, and even sometimes mid-term, when the PM does a cabinet reshuffle to boost popularity. No one should assume that a … Continue reading

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GE 2011: Regrets

GE 2011 Regret #1: Every non-PAP candidate wants to speak up for us abt cost of living. But none of them dare to promise to do anything other than speak up. GE 2011 Regret #2: If PAP doesn’t think there’s … Continue reading

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