Towards A First-World Election Process

We need a First-World Parliament But first, we need a First-World Election Process.

Today’s election process is stupid:

1. Proposer/Seconder/Assentors: Will Singapore lose out if candidates stand without any proposers, seconders or assentors? Why do we waste candidates’ and residents’ time with these?

2. Nomination Forms Objections: To what end does it serve our democratic process if a candidate can be disqualified on a technicality or form-filling error? To what end do we allow objections to be raised? Why should any candidate be allowed to object to any other candidate’s form at all?

Why are we playing games, creating tension and causing high drama over a simple form-filling exercise? Does the Elections Dept know the purpose of elections?

3. Form submission Times: To what end does it serve our democratic process if a candidate can be rejected because he submitted a form 35 seconds late? Granted he has missed the deadline, but surely one should change the Act to allow the Returning Officer some discretion in these matters? How does this strict rule help the democratic process?

4. Rally Sites: Why allocate on a first-come-first served basis? While seemingly fair, in practice it favours the largest party with the most resources. I would propose a balloting system, for sites where there are more than one application, and a penalty system to deny bookings for one day to those who booked but did not hold rallies as indicated.


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Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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