There’s Still Time, There’s Still Hope

Shadow Cabinet 2011

Prime Minister: Chen Show Mao (WP)

Deputy Prime Minister: Not required. One of the other ministers will act as deputy when PM goes on leave.

Finance Minister: Hazel Poa (NSP)

Defence Minister: Tony Tan Lay Thiam (NSP)

Health Minister: Steve Chia (NSP)

Foreign Affairs Minister: Gerald Giam (WP)

Home Affairs + Law Minister: Sylvia Lim (WP)

National Development Minister: Low Thia Kiang (WP)

Education Minister: Dr John Yam (WP)

Manpower Minister: Dr Vincent Wijeysingha (SDP)

Transport Minister: Steve Chia (NSP)

Information, Communication and Arts Minister: Yee Jenn Jong (WP)

Community, Youth and Sports Minister: Yaw Shin Leong (WP)

Environment and Water Resources Minister: Chia Ti Lik (SF)

Minister for Trade and Industry: Jeanette Chong (NSP)

Ministers of State: To abolish such positions

MM: Definitely not required.

SM: Definitely not required.

Ministers Without Portfolios: Definitely not required.


1. Short of a Minister for Hindu affairs. Will appoint a Hindu MP as adviser on Hindu affairs.

2. Short of a Minister for Muslim affairs. No outstanding Malay candidates unveiled to date. Will appoint a Malay candidate as adviser on Muslim affairs.

Call To Arms

If NSP or WP could recruit Ti Lik and VW into their ranks, a two-party coalition together would field 47 seats, and is enough to form a govt of simple majority. Hence, there is really no need to wait for the next election before fighting for a new govt.

Are you guys listening?


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