Hating The PAP: Part I

There’s a lot to hate the PAP for, if you’ve lived in Singapore for any length of time.

  • Making Singaporeans docile
  • Fostering a mentality of govt-dependency
  • Robbing our civil liberties
  • No free press
  • Unjustified restrictions in almost every area of life in Singapore
  • Cruel and unusual criminal punishments
  • Persecution of political opponents
  • Continual raising of barriers to entry for political competition
  • Unjustified ISA detentions
  • High-handed and arrogant party leadership
  • No accountability for billions of SWF investment losses
  • Useless million-dollar ministers
  • No accountability even with million-dollar ministers
  • Soaring property prices
  • Overcrowding of infrastructure
  • Foreigners crowding out Singaporeans
  • Low wage growth, especially among low-wage workers
  • Decline in quality of life and standard of living
  • The most expensive cars and roads in the world
  • Traffic jams, even with the most expensive cars and roads in the world.

    There’s probably more but you get the picture.

    I see a lot of PAP-haters in TR, constantly attacking the PAP and spewing vulgarities. There’s also a large no of such PAP-haters who do the same on PAP’s wall on Facebook.

    But such hatred only serves to blind the hater, and makes it easier for the Dark Side to take control.

    (On to Part II…)

  • About politicalwritings

    Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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