In Defence Of: Tin Pei Ling

She’s not a great candidate, too young, too shallow and too immature. I would not vote for her.

But the flaming by “netizens” for her two video appearances are totally unjustified:

1. She stamps her feet and exclaims “I don’t know what to say!” after being asked to do an impromptu introduction.

C’mon, this was clearly an out-take, she was among friends and she was just reacting playfully. What’s the big deal? Have none of her critics has their own candid camera moments?

2. On TV, when she was asked about rising costs, she said there are many subsidies available for Singaporeans, and as an example, she said education highly subsidised, cost for young ones is very low.

And the critics flamed her by putting an incredulous monkey and plastering “$10-20K per year for university education is very low?” across the screen.

I think what she meant was that in general, the cost of education is very low. Which is a defensible statement, considering the cost of primary or secondary school fees is around $10 per month, and even JC fees aren’t so high.

Of course, one has to add up the cost of preschool, tuition, school bus, enrichment classes, etc but all these are optional and Pei Ling’s too young to appreciate these, as she has no children of her own.

As for university education, I don’t know what the right amount should be. But $10-20K per year is certainly cheaper than what foreign universities charge, and it is certainly subsidised. It’s certainly not “very low” but I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect the govt to subsidise it to the $3-5K level.


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