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The Simple Way To Predict Election Results

Look at the PAP team, look at the opposing team: 1. The opposing team is a bunch of loonies, no-hopers, tired old warhorses and axe-grinders. PAP will win big (~20% margin) 2. The opposing team are ordinary Joes. PAP will … Continue reading

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Towards A First-World Election Process

We need a First-World Parliament But first, we need a First-World Election Process. Today’s election process is stupid: 1. Proposer/Seconder/Assentors: Will Singapore lose out if candidates stand without any proposers, seconders or assentors? Why do we waste candidates’ and residents’ … Continue reading

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There’s Still Time, There’s Still Hope

Shadow Cabinet 2011 Prime Minister: Chen Show Mao (WP) Deputy Prime Minister: Not required. One of the other ministers will act as deputy when PM goes on leave. Finance Minister: Hazel Poa (NSP) Defence Minister: Tony Tan Lay Thiam (NSP) … Continue reading

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The Death of PAP

PM Lee was right. This election is about renewal, at least for PAP. Because after this election PAP will only exist in name as a political party. But for all intents and purposes, it will no longer be a political … Continue reading

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六大門派攻打光明顶 (Reprise)

Now that the key candidates have all been announced, it’s timely to refresh this oldie but goodie:

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Politics 101 (or what the PAP didn’t teach you about politics)

The PAP has been in power in Singapore for nearly 50 years. That is an amazing record for any country– democratic or otherwise– let alone any political party. As a result, at least two generations of Singaporeans have grown up … Continue reading

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Hating The PAP: Part II

(Continued from Part I) To those who hate PAP, I say: A. Recognize that the old man did things in a certain way because he was a certain kind of person– strict disciplinarian, no-nonsense, no compassion, always driven for excellence. … Continue reading

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