Sad Things About Singapore Politics

Some disturbing but apparently very commonly held “opp” supporters’ viewpoints, as seen on the Net:

1. Anyone who praises PAP in any way must be a PAP supporter. Same for anyone who identifies any merit in any govt policy or initiative. Same for anyone who defends any other institution, from the media to GLC’s.

2. Anyone who criticises “opp” in any way must be a PAP bootlicker. It does not matter if the criticisms are valid, criticism just shows lack of solidarity.

3. Anyone who is not happy with an “opp” party and resigns from it must be a PAP mole. It does not matter what differences drove them to leave.

4. Politics is all about fighting the PAP and supporting the “opp” cause.

Get real!

You will not advance in politics until you advance your understanding of politics.

Politics is not about PAP vs opposition. That’s how the state media frames it, it’s what PAP wants you to think– that they have a God-given right to be the ruling party and everyone else is only fit to be opposition– and it’s wrong.

You will not get anywhere by running to be in opposition.

You will not get elected until you put up quality candidates.

Politics in today’s Singapore is not about fighting for people’s rights or liberties. Politics is about whether people trust you to make their lives better over the next five years.

The purpose of elections is not to “give people a chance to vote”, even if they’ve not voted in the last 20 years. It is also not to ensure that a PAP candidate is tested or has a mandate.

The only purpose of running for elections is to win, and to win roundly.


About politicalwritings

Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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One Response to Sad Things About Singapore Politics

  1. bongkinchen says:

    Those blokes, armchair pseudo-politicians, do not comprehend what is CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM !!!!

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