Why Opposition Candidates Must Be Of a Higher Standard Than PAP MP’s

A FB acquaintance was making a case for Lina-ah soh to be an MP. I’d said Lina was totally unsuitable, she can’t even run a town council, much less debate Bills intelligently in Parliament.

She countered that not all “opp” MP’s can be as intellectual as Sylvia, and noted that not all PAP MP’s are articulate, literate types. Even PAP has MP’s like Ong Ah Heng, who reflect kopitiam ah pek’s concerns in Parliament, she pointed out. So if we can allow PAP such MP’s, why can’t we accept Lina in Parliament, she countered. What’s wrong with having her in Parliament as long as she does her best, she cried.

My response was that if Lina screws up in Parliament, she’ll set back the “opp” cause 10 years.

A PAP MP can get away with much less because sheer numbers. But at this stage, with 2 vs 82, I just don’t believe “opp” MP’s can do the same.

If an opp MP can’t hold her ground, the TV broadcasts are just going to show her always being attacked by PAP ministers and MP’s.

The “opp” wants more presence in parliament. I hope they will achieve their GRC breakthroughs. However, if the guys who break thru are not the very best that the “opp” has to offer, it will be self-defeating.

Remember what happened to “Don’t talk cock” Lim How Doong and forgettable Neo Chai Chen. Basically, their poor parliamentary performance lost SDP its leader of the opposition mantle, and set back the “opposition” 10 years.

If an Ah Sou like Lina enters Parliament and embarrasses herself, people are not going to have a positive impression of “opp” in future, and it will be a massive setback for the “opp”.

This is about 大局.

That’s why “opp” have to be held to an even higher standard than PAP MP’s.


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5 Responses to Why Opposition Candidates Must Be Of a Higher Standard Than PAP MP’s

  1. Diamond says:

    Agree with the “大局” , but I don’t think it needs to be of higher standards than current PAP cohorts. They just need to be on par or equal standards. Let’s face it, PAP has already a monopoly on securing top talents. And the elitist image is a very carefully crafted PR over a long period of time that associates it with supposedly “top quality”. But if one looks enough, it is not always across the board, just a handful of key people who has a generated good spillover effect to the MIW as a whole. Alot of that success also comes in their massive control of all propaganda it accorded itself 一手遮天 they can whatever praises they want. Like Class FM ad – “Only the hear the good” news”. I believe there are many cans waiting to be opened, and history has a long arc for everyone to see. Besides, like the honesty policy, can we even have a standard definition and agreement of what constitute “higher talent” to start with.

    • Thanks. I said must be of better standard than PAP MP’s– not ministers.

      I don’t agree PAP has a monopoly of talent. It’s just appearances. If you look at the Fukushima 40, you’ll see the “opp” has candidates of high calibre, and most of them are well-educated.

      However, the “opp” shoots itself in the foot by also fielding loonies, old-timers and no-hopers, while PAP has strict quality control.

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  3. MarineParader says:

    I disagree. If Lina is politically-savvy enough to garner enough votes to get into parliament, then she rightfully deserves the place in parliament. Trying to set a certain “standard” for MPs (PAP or opposition) will open a whole new pandora’s box on who can best represent Singaporeans for Singapore.

    All I say is that at least she has the commitment and guts to run for office, and I respect her for that. She is already of a “higher standard” compared to many others. Unfortunately, there are many anonymous cowards (like myself) who can’t take the leap, and will potentially let less deserving people get into parliament via the GRC route.

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