The Party Political Broadcast I would like to hear

Dear Voters,

In two days’ time, you will be making the most important decision in Singapore’s history.

Do you still want a PAP govt? Or do you want a new Govt that will make things better for you and your family?

For 50 years, you have had no choice of Govt other than the PAP. The only choice you have had is who to vote into opposition. For the first time since Independence, we offer you a real choice.

The XXX Party, in concert with YYY Party and ZZZ Party, have agreed to form a coalition. Together we are contesting 50 seats. We can therefore form a new govt of simple majority if you give all of us your trust.

I will be PM-designate if you return us to power. Mr AAA will be Finance minister-designate, Mr BBB will be Home Affairs Minister-designate, Mr CCC will be Manpower Minister-designate under the new Govt, Mr DDD will be….

We have given full details of our platform and campaign promises and election pledges throughout our campaign. If you elect us into power, these are the first changes we will make.

A. An immediate freeze on all work-related immigration into Singapore for six months. During these six months we will conduct a full and independent review of Singapore’s manpower needs and propose a new immigration policy which does not disadvantage citizens. While the details need to be fleshed out, we envisage that we will reduce the number of unskilled foreign workers in Singapore by 100,000 over the next five years, and the number of skilled foreign workers will be carefully matched to the number of skilled vacancies in Singapore

B.A minimum wage legislation will be introduced within one year, to cover all workers in Singapore. At present, we envisage the minimum wage to be around $6-7 per hour, but this number may be changed once we are in power and have access to relevant data from the govt agencies. We will also institute a citizens-first employment legislation that will require all employers, less those in sectors such as construction, shipbuilding or domestic maids, to show that they are unable to find a suitable Singaporean citizen for any position before they can apply to hire a foreigner.

C. An immediate freeze in prices of all new HDB flats for six months, followed by a gradual reduction of 5% a year in new flat prices. We will also introduce a new class of flats which are meant for citizens only (not PR’s) which will be priced at no more than X times the median household incomes of Singaporeans.

D. Free and compulsory education for all Singaporeans up to the post secondary level, including disabled Singaporean children who require special assistance. University subsidies will only be granted to Singaporeans. All foreign students, including PR’s, will be required to pay full fees, and will be admitted only after places for Singaporeans have been granted. Govt scholarships for foreign students will be removed.

E. We will repeal the ISA and order the release of all ISA-detainees if they cannot be charged for any crimes. We will set up an independent commission to look into any allegations of abuse or torture under the ISA, and where appropriate, compensate such victims. It is our intention that this commission be one to bring about national reconciliation and thus we intend to grant amnesty to those who have abused their powers under the ISA, provided they are willing to testify before the Commission and make restitution to the victims.



These are only the highlights of what we will do when we take power. Time does not permit us to detail our complete agenda, but we have given full details of our proposals on our coalition website ( I urge you to read them carefully before you vote.

Fellow Singaporeans, we firmly believe that our proposals are what you want and will take Singapore in the correct direction. To execute these proposals, we have assembled a team with the three C’s: Capable, Committed and Caring.

We are different from the PAP. We are serious, we are committed, and if you elect us, we can form the Govt and we can make all these promises real for you.

A vote for us is a vote for hope, a vote for change, a vote for progress, a vote for a better tomorrow.

A vote for PAP is a vote for the status quo, a vote for caught off-guard ministers, a vote backward.

Vote for us. Vote for yourself. Vote for a better life for yourself and your families.


About politicalwritings

Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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