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Class of 2006: Wherefore Art Thou?

Who’s MIA and Who’s Still Running in GE 2011?

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Rocky Chiam

What legacy? You decide: 1979: Runs as independent against Howe Yoon Chong in by-election; polls 33%. At least he had balls to run against a strong defence minister! 1980: Forms SDP, again loses to Howe in GE, but with 41%. … Continue reading

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Sad Things About Singapore Politics

Some disturbing but apparently very commonly held “opp” supporters’ viewpoints, as seen on the Net: 1. Anyone who praises PAP in any way must be a PAP supporter. Same for anyone who identifies any merit in any govt policy or … Continue reading

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Why Opposition Candidates Must Be Of a Higher Standard Than PAP MP’s

A FB acquaintance was making a case for Lina-ah soh to be an MP. I’d said Lina was totally unsuitable, she can’t even run a town council, much less debate Bills intelligently in Parliament. She countered that not all “opp” … Continue reading

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Guide to Political Parties in Singapore

SF: The weird new kid on the block.    SDA: 5432 weak parties.   WP: The mild and meek party.     NSP: The old men’s party.    RP: The Resignations Party, aka The KJ fan club. Nos declining, apparently. … Continue reading

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How to solve Singapore’s problems

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Singapore’s “Fukushima 40” GE 2011

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