Quiz for aspiring non-PAP politicians

Here’s a simple test to see if you are ready to enter politics in Singapore.

1. Why do you want to enter politics?

a. I hate the PAP and its policies.
b. I want to raise people’s concerns in Parliament and act as a check and balance to the PAP.
c. I want to serve the people, which I can best do by forming the next govt of Singapore.

2. Which party do you want to join?

a. Any opposition party will do.
b. A credible opposition party such as WP, SPP, NSP, etc. which can act as an effective check against PAP.
c. A party which aims to form the next govt of Singapore

3. What kind of candidates will your party field?

a. Experienced veterans; people who have run at least three times before, who hold jobs such as salesmen, technicians, etc whom ordinary voters can relate to.
b. A mix of new and experienced faces, comprising PMEB’s and ordinary worker-type candidates
c. Confident, eloquent, well-educated, energetic and sincere candidates. Mainly well-educated types, but whose willingness to serve and sincerity are apparent.

4. How long is your campaign period?

a. Nine days– what the Elections Dept usually allows for rallies. Bitch about the short rally period compared to other countries.
b. Six weeks– the period from when the electoral boundaries are released by the Elections Dept. That’s when I start my intensive house visits.
c. Five years– starting from the end of the last election. I need to pound the streets and visit residents every other weekend till they know me by face.

5. What will you tell residents when you meet them?

a. Tell them PAP is responsible for everything bad in Singapore and they should vote opposition so that you can serve as a check and balance that is so vital in a democracy.
b. Tell them I will serve them honestly, wholeheartedly and to the best of my ability. Assure them I will provide better service than the PAP MP
c. Tell them I will serve them honestly, wholeheartedly and to the best of my ability if I win, and if my party secures a majority, we will form a govt that will implement policies which will benefit them more than PAP’s policies.

6. How will you connect with the residents?

a. Through my rallies and house visits during the campaign period
b. Through regular visits, newsletters, emails and as friends on FB. They have my number and are able to call me at any time.
c. Through regular visits, newsletters, emails and as friends on FB, and try to secure media coverage as well through developing relationships with journalists.

7. Where will you contest?

a. At a constituency where the incumbent PAP minister/MP is least popular. I change constituency as required to go to where the ground is sweetest.
b. At a constituency we have “choped” and other opposition parties won’t interfere
c. At a constituency where we done diligent groundwork and know the residents by first name.

8. How will you fight the election?

a. By ourselves, making sure we avoid three-cornered fights.
b. In a loose alliance with other like-minded and credible parties.
c. In a close alliance with other like-minded and credible parties, with a complete shadow cabinet ready to take on the PAP in one-on-one debates.

9. What will you talk about at your election rallies?

a. PAP’s shortcomings and mistakes; high cost of living, ministerial salaries, foreign workers, etc.
b. My sincerity, openness and commitment to serve voters better than the incumbent PAP MP. Pepper my speeches with insightful knowledge of local issues and first-person stories of specific individuals living in the constituency whom I will help starting from the day I’m elected.
c. We have better policies than the PAP and we will implement them if you elect all of us.

10. What does opposition unity mean to you?

a. Avoiding three-cornered fights
b. Not saying bad things about other opposition parties/candidates.
c. Putting aside differences to form a coalition to challenge PAP for the govt of Singapore

If your answers are:

Mostly a’s: You are the past. Parties would do best to avoid you.
Mostly b’s: You are the present. Parties should be glad to have you.
Mostly c’s: You are the future. Parties which hope to rule Singapore in future should woo you.


About politicalwritings

Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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