Political Rallies in Singapore are a waste of time

I’m coming round to the inevitable conclusion that political rallies, as they are currently conducted by PAP and other parties, are a complete waste of the parties’ time and $$$.

PAP rallies are a waste of time because nobody wants to go, no one’s interested. Apparently it’s so bad they even have to provide free shuttle bus services to bring old folks to the rallies. The audience even has seats!

On the other hand, other parties’ rallies are standing room only, and the crowds easily top 10,000. Yet, people go there mainly for the entertainment value, to hear the speakers crack anti-PAP jokes, and make jibes and jabs at the PAP. Cheers and laughter ring out whenever a speaker hits a particularly sarcastic anti-PAP note.

But no serious national issues are discussed. No serious comprehensive blueprints are presented. No comparisons are presented by any party to show that their proposals are better than the PAP’s.

Very unlike (say) US Senate campaigns where candidates use their speeches to fight each other over health care, crime, what to do in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Maybe it’s just not possible given the time and the format, especially when one has to accommodate multiple speakers in different languages.

So everyone has a fun time at the rally, but when it comes to Polling Day, no surprise– every rational voter can see that a vote for any other party than the PAP is a waste of time– they know that parties filled with jokers, complainers and entertainers can’t make their lives better.

So the same thing happens GE after GE– massive PAP landslide victory, with a couple of lone rangers in opposition.

And both the people and the parties complain why there is so little opposition in Parliament.

But nobody sees that if they repeat the same tactics of the past, they’ll get the same results.


About politicalwritings

Someone who sees beyond PAP and "opposition" in Singapore politics. To understand more please see the Top 10 link below.
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